Extension of Permits

After the initial 3 years, but before the expiration date, liaison offices may apply for extension of permit. Depending on the chosen field of activity, an extension of up to 5 or 10 years may be granted.

The extension application must be carefully prepared. Evidence indicating liaison office's activities during the past years must be furnished. Otherwise the application will be rejected.

Therefore, the extension application must include:

  • Bank Lists, showing the transfer of funds from abroad - these documents must be stamped and signed by the bank - contact us for details.
  • Evidence of liaison office activities such as e-mail communication between liaison offices and Turkish companies; seminars, workshops or trade fairs, seminars attended by the liaison office for representation and hosting activities; reference letters from Turkish companies of whom liaison office is working with.
  • Communication and reporting with the parent company regarding market conditions and trends or customer reports in Turkey.
  • Any other relevant information that supports and/or demonstrates activities of the liaison office.

Important Remarks

  • As the liaison offices have tax exemptions in Turkey, extension permits have become harder to be received from the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
  • The Ministry clearly expects liaison offices to contribute to developments in state economy, Turkish markets and/or sectors in Turkey.
  • Participation in seminars, exhibitions etc. will be an asset for permit renewal applications.
  • Provable mediation efforts in export activities from Turkey is another subject to be considered significant by the authorities. In case mediation is conducted in export activities, it should be properly documented and presented to the Ministry with annual activity declaration.
  • Along with other documentation, the ministry requests a detailed future plans/projects letter from the parent company of the liaison office that is established in Turkey.
  • Projects/partnerships planned to be, or already developed with governmental institutions or state related entities will strengthen the permit renewal applications in the future.


Please note that the application form and the commitment letter must be signed by the parent company representatives abroad.

Activity Codes

Field of Activity


Representation and Hosting

Representation of the foreign company at sectoral institutions and relevant organizations, coordination of business contacts of the company officers,
meeting the office demands of those officers.


Control, Inspection and Provision of Local Suppliers

Provision of local suppliers and products for the foreign company and inspection of those suppliers in terms of the quality standards of the foreign company.


Technical Support

Provision of training and technical support services for distributors,supporting local suppliers for their enhancement of quality standards.

5 years

Communication and Transfer of Information

Collection and transmission of information to the foreign company having business contacts in Turkey such as the market conditions, consumption trends, sales of competitors and distributors, performance of distributors.

5 years

Regional Management Center

Particularly oriented to other units of the foreign company in foreign countries; cooordination and management of some operations such as formulation of investment and management strategies, planning, promotion,sales, after sales services, brand management, financial management,technical support, R&D, external supply, testing of newly developed products, laboratory services, research and analysis, training of personnel.

10 years

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